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My name is Alexandra Klein. I am a fire wife, mother to two girls, Crossfit Level 2 Coach, USAW Sports Performance Coach, and BIRTHFIT Coach working with the Central Coast and Central Valley areas of California.

Growing up I was always on the go, playing a variety of sports like volleyball, basketball, track, soccer, softball, and I even did one season of cheer leading. Throughout my athletic career I was never the best by talent but I always challenged the best with my work ethic, determination, and competitive spirit. 

As a BIRTHFIT Coach, I pride myself on the guidance I can provide to other women in accordance to their pregnancy goals, postpartum goals, and long term goals. I ask the tough questions, make women think about their desires, and require hard work. Intentional training is my focus.

I enjoy working with women. Whether you are a first time mom, mom of multiples, aspire to become a mother, or you want to connect your mind, body, and soul together; I can be an asset to your lifestyle. Through 1-on-1 personal training sessions and periodic group classes I would love to assist you as you make your way through the motherhood journey. If you are interested in getting started please email so we can connect! 

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