Empowered Woman Fitness


"BIRTHFIT is a movement. We are an empowered and educated state, specifically to childbirth and the periods before and after.  We place huge importance on being active, nourishing your body with healthy foods, tapping into a deeper connection within, and regular chiropractic care.  We seek to educate and empower you through your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. No matter how you like to get your body moving - whether you are a boxer, yogi, cross fitter, runner, or don’t have a regular workout routine - BIRTHFIT will guide you throughout your pregnancy and postpartum in a new way. Being apart of BIRTHFIT means leading a healthy, active, mindful lifestyle and we’re excited for you to be apart of it!" 
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Meet Coach Alexandra

Crossfit Lvl 2 Coach, USA Weightlifting Coach, Mother to two toddler girls, Fire Wife, Lover of BIRTHFIT, fitness, and helping others


Meet Coach Chelsea

Crossfit Kids Coach at Crossfit Five Cities, Mother to three children, Wife of a Lineman,

Lover of Life, the BIRTHFIT Tribe, and herself